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What Is A Media Lab?

situated practices in media studies

Month / April 2017

An Interview with Daniel Fetzner of the Laboratory of Media Ecology

Ambient technologies such as smartphones create novel environmental references between people, nature and technology. In the Laboratory of Media Ecology (LME) at the University of Applied Sciences Offenburg, we examine these structures in theory and practice in the form of experimental setups and text work. 1)   What is your lab called and where is it? Our […]

An interview with Neal White of the Office of Experiments

Neal White runs the Office of Experiments that is a research platform that “works in the expanded field of contemporary art.” The Office employs methods of fieldworks and works with a range of partners including scientists, academics, activists and enthusiasts, and described as exploring “issues such as time, scale, control, power, cooperation and ownership, highlighting and […]

An Interview with Jason Nanna of the Synchroton Media Research Laboratory

I run the Synchroton Media Research Laboratory, located in Milwaukee, WI USA.  It is augmented by the Geographical Research Unit, a nomadic dwelling and testbed for alternative living and my personal R&D/performance activities. At its core I view one of the primary roles of the SMRL is as an extra-institutional research/collaboration center for projects and […]

An Interview with Emmanuel Guez at PAMAL Lab, Avignon, France

1) PAMAL [Preservation & Art – Media Archaeology Lab] is probably the first media archaeology lab in France – what makes it a media archaeology lab and what are the sorts of projects and activities that form the core of your activities? Is there a specific temporal or technological focus for your Lab or what forms […]