We are discussing some labs-related material and ideas at the transmediale 2016-festival in Berlin this week. Jussi Parikka is moderating and Lori Emerson is among the panelists in the Persistence of the Lab-session. Other speakers include Ryan Bishop, John Beck and Claus Pias. One of the special focuses is to look at the Cold War legacies of labs; as sites of R&D, places of invention and investment, and new relations between art and technology.  Join us on Friday for the discussion!

Below the panel description:

The laboratory is a key site of modern culture: a place of invention and systematization of knowledge, a place where science is summoned. It has persisted as an architecturally, intellectually, and institutionally significant site of big science that continues to be adopted as part of a wide set of institutional practices in the humanities, media studies, and design and maker cultures. The panelists will address current roles of laboratories as sites of knowing and doing, especially focusing on how the contemporary technological culture of simulation is closely tied to the historical legacy of collaborations within the military-industrial-university-entertainment sector. How does this industry dominate even the celebrated hacktivist energies that the lab is supposed to sustain and support?

The event is presented in cooperation with Winchester School of Art.