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What Is A Media Lab?

situated practices in media studies

Author / Jussi Parikka

The Persistence of the (Cold War) Lab

We organized a panel on labs, art & technology, the Cold War and contemporary contexts as part of the transmediale 2016-festival in Berlin. Most of the panel is now online as an audio recording and the missing bit, Lori Emerson’s talk, is accessible as a text version (the previous entry on the blog).

The Persistence of the Lab

We are discussing some labs-related material and ideas at the transmediale 2016-festival in Berlin this week. Jussi Parikka is moderating and Lori Emerson is among the panelists in the Persistence of the Lab-session. Other speakers include Ryan Bishop, John Beck and Claus Pias. One of the special focuses is to look at the Cold War […]